US Constitution 101

The ink had just dried on the Constitution of the United States of America ‐ four pages that would become the outline of most revolutionary document of all time.

In Philadelphia, 1787.

In this document, our Founding Fathers left us an incredible legacy of liberty and prosperity. Sadly, most Americans don’t know that much about the Constitution. In fact, in a Newsweek survey, more than half of Americans couldn’t identify the Constitution as the “supreme law of the land.”

You now have the opportunity to enroll ‐ at no cost to you ‐ in Hillsdale College’s online course: “Constitution 101: The Meaning and History of the Constitution.”

“Constitution 101” is geared toward people who understand this disturbing trend in America ‐ people like you. You already know how important the Constitution is to liberty, but want to know even more.

Hillsdale offers this class at no cost, and makes it open and accessible to everyone, because the more Americans who understand our Constitution, the more likely we are to preserve it ‐ thus preserving liberty in America.

Take “Constitution 101” at your leisure‐- and find out how to improve your understanding of the Constitution and its importance to liberty. You can view all 10 of these fascinating, informative sessions on-demand from your computer online.

Over these 10 lectures, Hillsdale College’s Politics faculty will teach you about the meaning and history of the Constitution. You ;earn everything you need to know from the principles of liberty in the Declaration of Independence, through the second great constitutional crisis‐slavery and civil war‐up through the present day Progressive assault on America’s founding principles.

There’s never been a better opportunity to learn everything about the US Constitution and do your part to preserve
liberty in America.

Here’s the link to the free Constitution 101 course

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