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Do we really expect Washington to fix itself?

Last week’s headlines were consumed with Paul Ryan becoming Speaker of the House and Hillary Clinton’s performance at a hearing as she seeks the presidency.

In other words, more of the same. Will any of it change the entrenched ruling class in Washington? Will any of it improve our lives as citizens?

The debt is astronomical and is going to cripple, not only our own freedom and our own economy, but our children and our grandchildren are going to be effectively slaves, paying for all the things that we are spending money on today.

We also know that Washington DC will never fix itself. The Founding Fathers recognized that this was a potential as well. In Article V of the Constitution, they gave us a solution.

The states have the power, under Article V of the Constitution, to call a Convention of States for the purpose of proposing amendments to the Constitution, because sometimes what you need is not a change of personnel, you need a change of structure. The Founders understood the importance of structure. They gave that power to the states to create a new set of rules when the federal government overstepped it’s boundaries.

We can recalibrate the rules and take power away from Washington DC and give it back to the people and the states.

We have the executable plan for doing this. The time is now. The plan is here. The federal government will not be reined in unless you help!

Article V of the U.S. Constitution gives state legislatures the power to act as a final check on the abuse of power in Washington, D.C. Under Article V, state legislatures have authority to hold a limited convention that can propose much-needed amendments to our Constitution. Once 34 states pass a resolution applying for such a convention, Congress must call one.

Help preserve liberty, not only for ourselves, but for our children and our grandchildren and generations to come. Support the approach adopted by the Convention of States Project and help our state become one of the necessary 34 states to pass the model application.

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There’s a better way. Hundreds of thousands of patriots all over the country are organizing a peaceful and lawful revolution to restore liberty in America. There’s never been a movement quite like it.

We are motivated by a deep-seated love for liberty. It’s in our bones. We refuse to let America succumb to the schemes of an elitist ruling class, to become like every other country that has ever existed. It’s time for a reset.

We all know that our government is way off track.

The American Framers foresaw the times in which we live, because they lived through tyranny themselves. In Article V of the Constitution, they authored the solution for precisely this moment in history. We have a realistic plan to make it happen.

You are an integral part of that plan. Watch this inspiring message from my friend Michael Farris on our strategy to take back America.

Thank you for being a part of the hundreds of thousands who have joined this historic movement. We need more just like you. Please invite your like-minded family members and friends to this fight.

This is a critical time of the year for us. We’re preparing an unprecedented effort to pass our resolution in the vast majority of states. Your gift will go directly toward recruiting, training, and mobilizing our growing army of citizen activists. With your help, we’re going to save this great nation.

The history books may not remember that Paul Ryan ran for Speaker or Hillary Clinton answered questions at a hearing, but they will remember the Convention of States that changed the course of a nation.

Citizens concerned for the future of their country, under a federal government that’s increasingly bloated, corrupt, reckless and invasive, have a constitutional option. We call Americans to sign a Convention of States petition to demand a return of the USA to its original vision of a limited federal government that is of, by and for the people.

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