With Liberty, Televizine

Hello and Welcome to Televizine.com.

We are about Liberty.

The greatest liberty in the history of the world has been attained in the USA. We love our freedom of choice. We place great value on the ability to chose our education, our career path, our life partner, our city or state where we live, our today and our tomorrow and our in between.

We The People embrace our prosperity. We have abundance built on the foundation of free-enterprise– the greatest prosperity and largest middle-class in human history. Americans enjoy monumental leisure time.

But now our American ideal grows dim. We don’t always understand our rights and responsibilities, and we don’t take time to support or defend our rights, and sometimes we just don’t care.

Americans cannot ignore the brilliant ideas and the perfect alternatives represented by the voices of minority opinions. Ideas and opinions about our ideals about Liberty are essential to the survival of our America.

We love America. We love the Constitution Of The United States Of America and we especially love the  freedoms we have here guaranteed by The Bill Of Rights. When you love something this much, you earn the right to be critical.

 We speak boldly on behalf ofripAmericaour beloved America.

 You should join us.                                                                                                                                                  We need you.

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