Green Tyranny – Truth About BANANA Movement

One of the horrors of our time is that our wholly appropriate need for environmental conservation has been appropriated by Green-Left ideologues who push a nihilistic, anti-capitalist agenda. In their folly, these radicals do great damage to the well-being of man and nature both.

John Stossel posted that “NIMBY” used to be the chant (Not In My BackYard!). Now it’s “BANANA” (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anybody). The BANANA Movement will stifle economic prosperity for Americans.

If the radical Greens are allowed to continue on their path to power, our children and grandchildren will inherit a world with less freedom and less natural beauty.

The prosperity, economies of scale and technical innovations which flow so abundantly from the free market provide the means to genuinely protect nature.

Radical Greens just don’t get it, but they’re ready to bully and silence anyone who confronts them with the facts.

Sunday night’s Stossel promises to be an informative and entertaining take on a crucial topic of our times.

The EPA, Housing and Urban Development and Department of Energy (DoE) have pushed their heavy-handed edicts to such an extreme that bureaucrats now want to conduct green-inspections on every home sold. Instead of realtors and private inspection firms dealing with potential buyers and sellers, the feds may determine if your roof, heating ducts, plumbing, electrical sockets and furnace meet their requirements. If they fail to pass stringent standards, be prepared to pay for upgrades that could reach five-figure sums.

To get an idea of how the green police think, last year senior EPA administrator Alfredo Armendariz was forced to resign after a videotape surfaced of him saying that polluters should be penalized the same way that Romans treated rebels thousands of years ago: via crucifixion. “You make examples out of people who are not complying with the law,” Armendariz threatened.

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