Floods of Syrian Refugees – Thanks to Obama

source url Thanks to Obama and his pro-Muslim administration, on November 13, 2015, by executive order the federal government moved to increase and accelerate the number of Syrian refugees who might be admitted into the United States by opening new screening outposts in Iraq and Lebanon.

http://painconsult.com/Discussions/_discMed/0000001e.htm We believe that when the true extent of this insidious national problem becomes widely known, American public opinion will insist on putting a stop to the subversive progress being made by Islamic supremacism and Shariah in our country.

But Americans will likely not learn about the dangers posed to our national security, our Constitution and our freedoms unless you and many other patriotic Americans can help us fund this unprecedented grassroots campaign to STOP it.

Liberal mainstream lapdog media is absolutely required to make this card game work. In so doing the objective is to use words that place a sense of guilt on the opposition as being racist in the former case and an Islamo-phobe or simply being un-American in the latter case contrary to our history of accepting bedraggled refugees from foreign shores seeking a better way of life.

Don’t Be Duped – Obama Is 100% Pro-Muslim

The controlled media spins on Islam are nothing more than propaganda, clever playground name calling and mind games. And yet so many Americans allow
themselves to be silenced by it, particularly by professional politicians.

There is nothing phobic or un-American about taking the action necessary to ensure our security and sovereignty. That’s been a standard policy for the USA since our beginning and every other civilized nation in the world since the Trojan Horse episode.

If the bully on the playground, Barrack Hussein Obama, doesn’t listen to reason and insists on placing us in danger, then the necessary steps should be taken to remove him from office and his position of authority. This action is justified on the basis of Obama knowingly and intentionally endangering the lives of American citizens with his Muslim “refugee”
resettlement program, while their brethren from their homeland have declared war on us and threaten to annihilate us. Such an action would be in keeping with the highest standards of law in The United States of America.

Impeach President Obama.

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