Career Politicians and Their Dangerous Policy

Did you catch last week’s presidential debate?

Career politicians painted a disturbing portrait of the future: wasteful spending, tax increases, and more government centralization. These dangerous policies propel us toward a country that our Founding Fathers would not recognize.

We’re fooling ourselves if we think we will find solutions in this runaway federal government. Our friend Mark Levin made this clear in a recent must-watch speech.

Isn’t it time we try liberty? We think so. That’s why we are working with state leaders to call a Convention of States, to put an end to these dangerous policies, once and for all.

Washington DC is broken and will not be fixed by the ruling elite. The federal government has turned its back on the American people and the best way to curtail government overreach is a “Convention of States”, as outlined in Article V of the US Constitution.

“The recent movement to call a convention to propose amendments…has sown consternation in Washington precisely because it is the one device that can effectively bypass the Washington bureaucracy.”

A Convention of States poses a great danger to the Washington D.C. career politicians, and that’s good news for you and me. We’re going to save this great nation.

Our ranks are filled with brave patriots who are ready to implement our executable plan to unleash this constitutional solution to restore our self-governance and liberty.

Lets fix this from the Bottom UP! Citizens for Self-Governance

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