Dennis Cardoza and California Water Issues

California is suffering through its worst drought – ever. Now, California water issues are coming under historic water restrictions by the state government, but there’s one group that’s been largely spared: big agriculture.

That’s because agribusiness can afford to make huge campaign contributions and spend millions each year to lobby the same politicians who are deciding how to manage what little water California has left.

Agribusiness has a secret weapon: politicians like Dennis Cardoza, a former California Congressman turned lobbyist overnight (literally). He worked on the House Agriculture Committee and received over $1 million from agribusiness interests throughout his career. In August 2012, he abruptly quit his job as Congressman to become a lobbyist for the same industry that he used to regulate.

Dennis Cardoza’s political career was basically funded by big players in agribusiness.


It doesn’t have to be this way. Under the American Anti-Corruption Act, the actions of Dennis Cardoza, and others like him, would be illegal. The Act bans politicians from taking money from industries that they regulate and prohibits politicians from becoming lobbyists for five years after they leave office. It’s a big fight, and we are winning.

Our movement is already passing a wave of local Anti-Corruption Acts to clean up local politics. Last November, local volunteers passed the first Anti-Corruption Act in the United States in Tallahassee, Florida, and we’ve passed seven Anti-Corruption Resolutions since last year alone. Now, we are gearing up to pass more Acts in two states and even more cities by 2016 so we can build enough momentum to shut down the Dennis Cardozas of the world at the federal level.

In order to keep winning, we need more people, like all of us, who will fight to protect their communities from corruption. When we all share videos like this – that spell out what corruption is really doing to America – we flood the internet with our message, and inspire more people to join the fight.

Stop Government Corruption and Corrupt Politicians

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