Big Cable wants to slow down the Internet



Cable companies are spending billions to gut net neutrality and create fast lanes and slow lanes on the Internet. We can’t let this happen, but they’re Big Cable — powerful corporations and the federal government will likely pander to their whims.

To win, we need a response that pulls out all the stops and drives the maximum number of people to voice their support for net neutrality.
On September 10th, sites across the web will display an alert with a symbolic “loading” symbol (the proverbial “spinning wheel of death”) and promote a call to action for users to push comments to the FCC, Congress, and the White House. Major websites and services are lined up to push hard on this — it affects literally everyone who uses the Internet for work or pleasure. This is the moment to win this battle for the net.
We need all hands on deck for this. Think about how best to get your friend’s and neighbor’s attention and join the Internet Slowdown with your site or mobile app. The spirit of the slowdown is that everyone can join in their own way, but we’re providing tools to make it easy. If you’re going to participate, tell the world ASAP. Announce it on your blog and twitter and facebook. Help get others to join. Got a question? Contact BattleForTheNet 

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