Televizine exposes government corruption and bureaucratic stupidity in the USA. Yes, it is everywhere. The good, old USA is still a powerhouse nation, but we are in serious decline because of our horrible government. It’s got to end.

Fiscally irresponsible, morally bankrupt, enemies of the people and opposed to our US Constitution. Let’s get rid of corrupt politicians — Clean up our nation of the worst party politicking, corporate pandering, blatant philandering, special-interest grovelling, tax-and-spend-budget-raping elected officials in US history.

Televizine rejects the “nanny state” where government seeks to control every facet of people’s lives through regulations and restrictions on Liberty and Free Enterprise. The deterioration of the USA is directly related to the transfer of power out of the hands of The People and into the hands of professional politicians, petty bureaucrats and wealthy corporations.

Encourage independent thinking outside of big money corporate politics.  We welcome comments and guest blogs.  Join Televizine. We will never sell our souls for money and power like the mainstream media has done.